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10700 State Route 118 South
Van Wert, OH 45891
U. S. 419-238-NPAC (6722)
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Sunday, May 3 - 3:00PM

OC $45/OLR $45/MC $35/MLR $35/BC $25/BLR $20


The show incorporates spectacular puppetry, magical lighting and a beautiful soundtrack which features a mix of classical music and immersive soundscape.

“Aquarium” takes its audience on a journey to the bottom of a prehistoric ocean and back again, experiencing ancient and incredible creatures along the way. The show starts as the audience enters the theatre and downstage is a large viewing window that looks into the tank.

A metal door, to the right of the viewing window, opens and 6 children in diving helmets accompanied by one of the show’s hosts (a marine biologist called Catherine), come through the door and are ushered to 6 seats that have been reserved for them down in the front of the audience.

A second host joins Catherine. He very enthusiastically announces the grand opening of Erth’s Prehistoric Aquarium. They discuss the earliest creatures on the fossil record and how they crawled about on the floor of the ocean realizing that the audience can’t see them and Drew’s solution is to take a child from the audience and accompany them into the tank while Catherine talks about the creatures,

Catherine and Drew discuss other creatures as they appear swimming about in the tank, ancient fish, prehistoric predators, early amphibians. Drew is always excited and gets his facts wrong while Catherine is always patient with him correcting him when needed, their relationship is very much based on the classic comedy routine of the straight man/funny man, like dean martin and Jerry Lewis.

Eventually, it is realized that Drew has put all the creatures into the same tank, which could be very dangerous and that 3 baby plesiosaurs are at great risk because they are in the tank alone having been separated from their mother. Catherine calls upon her interns and takes them into the tank to round up all the creatures and make everything right. The stage gets filled with bubbles and the children frolic in the bubbles with the free babies. Allowing the creatures to be free is better than keeping them captive. Catherine announces to the children that they should keep swimming with the plesiosaurs and go on another adventure.

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